Who doesn’t love a good throwback photo?

Isn’t it funny how much your personal style can change in only a few years? I thought it would be hilarious (and of course embarrassing) to have a look back on my style journey over the past decade. I’ve always been quite into mastering the feminine style and adventurous with bright colors, flowy fabrics, ruffles, lace and floral prints. I feel that looking back helps me to see how far I’ve become and also how long I’ve been working with my passion – which is of course – fashion.

Shall we take a little look down my memory lane? Well, here it goes… from age 25 to 35.


Back in 2010 I was into fitted waist cardigans, tube tops and mini skirts. And always, always the highest heels that I could find.


Breezy dresses were my favorites, I think my mantra was: the more feminine the better. And always, always high heels.


In 2015 I started to appreciate more qualified fashion items. I still do have many of my purchases during this time.


I was quite experimental with fashion in 2016. At that time I designed and made most of my clothes myself.


In 2019 I stopped holding myself back and started to trust myself and my own sense of style. This was the year when I gave myself a permission to enjoy, explore and have fun with fashion. And to not take myself too seriously. What a good year.


New decade and a few of my looks from this May. I think they’re quite fab.

My current fashion philosophy? Maybe this: “Better an oops than what if…”

That was a little sum up of my personal style evolution. Thank you very much for taking a look back over the past years with me.

What are your own best style memories from 2010 to the present day? Wishing you a great Wednesday!

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