Luxe Up Your Winter Style / The One Fabric That Always Looks Expensive


Who else wants to look elegant and feminine without spending a fortune on clothes?

I love feminine looks and elegant fabrics. Usually elegance means also expensive products and saying good bye to your money, but luckily there are luxurious fabrics that you can find at a good and affordable price.

Velvet is one of the winter’s most beloved fabrics, as it adds depth to dark hues like black or midnight blue. The unique texture of velvet makes it look so luxurious. The thick fabric makes it perfect for colder days helping you stay warm. These velvet leggings are my new find. Leggings are trending right now and I was curious to try something I haven’t worn before. I think these are quite fun as they easily work from day to night, they feel comfortable while still look sharp. I paired the leggings with a light mesh top which gives the look a perfect contrast of different textures, mixing together lighter and heavier fabrics.

LEGGINGS Zara / MESH TOP Ganni / BOOTS Topshop / NECKLACES (one used as a belt) Glitter / SUNGLASSES Tiwi

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