Welcome 2021 / Have a Sweet and Fabulous Year Ahead

In collaboration with Chicwish.

Dressed to party

The New Year is around the corner and soon we will wave goodbye to 2020. Many of us need to celebrate the big night differently than before (read: social distancing at home). But I think an intimate house party or a virtual party and a dose of glamour sounds like a great plan.

This year I’m adding a bit of sophistication and positivity to my New Year’s outfit in the form of a fancy jacquard skirt and a shiny golden top. Midnight blue hue goes perfectly with warm and shimmery gold making the outfit look festive. What are your plans to wear to wear for NYE?

Turn wishes into reality

After this overwhelming year with so much change, I would like to hear some positive things that happened to you during 2020. Share your good news or achievement that made you happy and grateful. When you start thinking of how you’ve succeeded, you may notice that there are many positive things that happened to you. I’ve been thinking about the past twelve months, the ups and downs, especially concentrating on the good things that happened. The world you see is created by what you focus on, so I’m focusing to see the good. One great achievement for me and my family was selling our house last summer and moving to the area we were dreaming to live, it felt so awesome and I’m still so very grateful to live here.

I hope you all can welcome the 2021 with a grateful heart, trusting that it will be good for you and your loved ones, living in the present moment, without fear, doing your best in every situation, showing love to people who are meaningful to you, making every day a decision that you will make it a good day, being the best version of yourself in each day of the coming year.

Sending all my warmest wishes to you and your loved ones! Have a sweet, cheerful, blissful and fabulous New Year!

“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.” – Anne Frank

TOP Pinko / SKIRT Chicwish (gifted) / TIGHTS Falke / SHOES Guess

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