You Are the Woman of Your Dreams

In collaboration with Chicwish.

Today I want to thank my wonderful supportive community that encourages me to keep working, to keep creating and to keep inspiring. I am truly touched by the kindness of all the lovely people I have met during my fashion journey. I have an incredible supportive community with me, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without the caring people around me it would be so much different.

Let’s level up!

I want to do my best to encourage other women to believe in themselves and to take action to reach all their wildest desires. I know it takes courage to create, to put your heart into the things you love to do, and then showing the result to the world. The first step is always to act, to start, without worrying what other people might think of you. You always need to remember that you are responsible for your own life, you create it. The choices you make today create your future. The key to level up your life is learning to make choices that are serving you and the life you deserve. You need to trust yourself.

Start before you are ready

Realize that you should never wait to be ready to start doing what you want to do, what you love to do, what your heart tells you to do. You never need to know how everything will finally end up. Because you can’t plan life. Taking an action before you feel ready will always lead you somewhere, you will learn something. And then you will find yourself empowered.

Dreams don’t work unless you do

Your vision of your life is yours, which means not everyone will understand you. People who don’t see your vision can’t courage or support you. But don’t let yourself down because of that. You are the only one holding the power to grow into the most wonderful version of yourself. All that matters is what’s true for you. Now, I want to share you a poem from Nikita Gill.


is rich with unlearning.
How to unlearn the way
You hate your body,
how to rebuild your spirit
after the supernova of love
finally bursts,
how to understand that
there are million
new versions of you,
hiding under your skin.
How each one is born
from suffering agonizingly,
unlearning what others
want you and your body to be,
finding moments
and seconds by metaphors
in everything
that makes you feel good
make you feel.
Reiterating them
till there is finally understanding
and accepting,
inside your very soul
the only thing that truly matters
is how often you say
on your journey,
“This, all of this,
is for me.”

– Nikita Gill

I wish you say: “This, all of this, is for me.” often. Lots of love – Anna

1. BLOUSE Weekend Max Mara / SKIRT Samsøe & Samsøe / BAG Anna Valkia / EARRINGS Zara / SHOES Zign / THIGHS Falke // 2. CARDIGAN & SKIRT Chicwish (gifted) / EARRINGS & RING Thomas Sabo (old) / SHOES Zign // 3. SWEATER & SKIRT Chicwish (gifted) / UMBRELLA Lasessor / SHOES Zign

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