The Month of LOVE / The Most Romantic Looks With a Cheerful Dose of Hearts, Flowers and Chocolate

In collaboration with Chicwish.

If you live in a feminine world, you never need an excuse to wear feminine clothes

February is the month of love and the month of Valentine’s Day, if you love romantic clothes, heart prints, ruffles, and free-flowing dresses, now is the time to wear them, whether you have plans or not. If you are looking for the most romantic ways to dress up, look no more! Here are my five looks that make you radiate love to everyone around you.

The romance of the world

If you are like me, and love wearing red and pink, now is the best time to embrace these sweet and feminine colors. Red is the color of love, it symbolizes beating heart and lust, it is one of the most common colors for romantic ensembles and it looks fabulous on everyone. I like to mix different shades of red in my outfits. Deep scarlet red and soft pink are from the same color family and they will always look perfect when styled together. Light pink brings a graceful and sophisticated touch to an any ensemble, while darker pink promises a note of elegance and mystery.

“Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.” – Frida Kahlo

Maybe every day should be a Valentine’s Day… anyway, now is the time to look at your loved ones like maybe they’re magic, make them feel special… and maybe they look at you with the same way.

May your month be full of love, laughter, flowers and chocolate!

Clothing from Chicwish *gifted

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