3 Fresh Ways to Style a White Button-Up Shirt in 2021


Make your white button-up shirt feel 100 times cooler

It’s time to leave your pencil skirt and straight fit trousers to hang in your wardrobe for a while, and instead, look for refreshed styling tricks for your beloved classic white button-up shirt. Right now, it seems like this classic wardrobe hero goes with anything in your wardrobe, and when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING. You can style a button-up shirt any way you like, wear it with sportswear, party dresses or swimsuits, you can’t go wrong.

The chicest way to wear a white button-up shirt this fall, is to pick an oversized fit to achieve that soft, loose-fitting silhouette that we’re all about, think about shirts that look like they’ve been borrowed from your dad’s, boyfriend’s or husband’s wardrobe (my white shirt is actually borrowed from my husband’s wardrobe, super-sized menswear usually work). To create a cool look, style your oversized shirt with something unexpected.

White Shirt + Ripped Jeans

For an everyday ensemble, you can’t go wrong with a classic button-up shirt and ripped jeans. Style with heels for a ladylike touch or with sneakers for more casual look.

White Shirt + Sportswear

If you’re having a busy day and need to go straight to the gym after having a lunch date, you can throw your button-up shirt over your active-wear and you are ready for all your activities.  

White Shirt + Dress

Try wearing a crisp white button-up shirt instead of a blazer over a slip dress or a lightweight knitted dress. Style with sneakers for a cool-girl vibe, this pairing will never fail you.

WHITE BUTTON UP SHIRT Borrowed from my husband’s wardrobe

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