This Is the Prettiest Color for Fall 2021


I just noticed that pastel pink is the perfect fall color

When I was about 25-30 years old I mostly wore black and white. I didn’t have the confidence to wear colors, and I was afraid that I would look foolish or wear colors “wrong”. At some point I felt I needed to refresh my style and to start enjoying getting dressed up again… and so I started exploring fashion through the colors in my everyday life.

It’s amazing how quickly trying new things each day gives you more courage to pursue even more. And as you learn to believe in your own taste, you may even find something that really lights you up. I’ve always loved pink, but for many years I never wore it. Now I love wearing pink clothing and accessories and I’ve also decorated my home with some pops of pink.

What’s your favorite color and do you have the courage to wear it?

KNITWEAR SET H&M / BAG Dorothy Perkins / SHOES Zara (old)

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