What Does It Mean to Be a Woman? / Thoughts About Womanhood


Being a woman is a gift for you to embrace

Last week I came across a book that was about womanhood, how we have learned to see our emotionality, hormonal oscillations, and mood swings as a weakness when they actually are a STRENGTH. Have you ever thought about it that way?

I’ve only read the beginning of the book, but I found it quite interesting… Of course, each woman and her experiences are uniquely hers, but anyway we all are designed by nature, our bodies are much wiser than we think. One fascinating thing from the book was that our mood swings and the days when we are most critical to everything around us are a time of psychological inventory when we figure out if we are where we want to be in life. It got me thinking that our mood swings have their own purpose, they help us to move forward in life, to change things we need to change to make our life the way we want it. It was eye-opening… I guess one of the most important things is to move away from labeling everything “bad” or “good”, because even our mood swings have their positive sides.

No matter how you identify a womanhood or how you choose to embrace it in your life, remember that you and your feelings matter… because we were never meant to be just static. We’re all unique and that’s the beauty of it.

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