Chicwish Review 2021 / My Thoughts About Shopping at Chicwish 

In collaboration with Chicwish.

Today I’m thrilled to share my experiences with Chicwish. As many of you know, it’s one of my favorite clothing brands, and whenever I need elegant and beautiful statement items, I know I will find the perfect pieces from Chicwish. Their design is timeless, classic, and feminine – just what I love, when I’m looking for clothing with a touch of luxury and elegance. I have been fortunate to partner with Chicwish for over a year now and I have to say that Chicwish has been an incredible partner, and I feel honored to represent the brand.

Chicwish has a wide selection of women’s clothes from voluminous tulle skirts to uniquely designed bathing suits. They offer skirts and dresses that are perfect for just about all my special occasions, while also having a wide selection of qualified and stylish activewear for women. Since I have been able to try their many different styles, I am a good resource for their most gorgeous pieces.

My favorite items from Chicwish

My partnership with Chicwish begin when they reached me out in 2020. I haven’t heard about Chicwish before, but from the moment I saw their selection of eye-catching tulle skirts and delicately detailed dresses, I was curious to try their products and see what they offer.

As a result, after our partnership has continued one and half year, I know which are my favorite pieces that I constantly wear and will treasure season after season.

A-line skirts

I love to dress up, and my favorite ways to embrace a classic and elegant look, is to put on an A-line skirt from Chicwish. They feature a beautiful voluminous silhouette, creating a timeless and classic look that will always look perfectly polished. They have a very good quality and they fit my waist perfectly, they are not something that will go out of style as quickly as they arrive, but very timeless pieces that I can see myself wearing season after season. They also make me feel fabulous and are easy to style up to perfection.

Floral dresses

Chicwish has an amazing selection of dresses. While I have always loved floral dresses, as soon as I saw the blooming floral dress collection of Chicwish, I have been gravitating towards them even more. Specially I adore their floor-sweeping maxi dresses, as I think there’s no better way to create an elegant look, than wearing a full-length dress with a charming pattern. 


Honestly, I was astonished by the swimwear collection of Chicwish, without a doubt, they’re designed to empower women and help them look their best when hanging out on the sand or by the pool. I personally love their ultra-feminine swimwear and I have never felt as beautiful and glamorous when spending time at a beach as I felt when wearing Chicwish. There’s nothing that lifts your mood as much as finding a swimwear that makes you feel fabulous.

What about the quality with Chicwish products?

To say most of the items I have received from Chicwish have exceeded my quality expectations. In my opinion, they have a wide selection of clothes made with a very qualified materials, and I’ve had no issues with awkward stitching, seams splitting, products falling apart or anything else.

What size to order?

In my experience, I’ve found the fitting with Chicwish to be consistent. Typically, I wear an S for all clothing, apart from outerwear, when I like to size up to create a boxy fit and to five room for layering. If you are unsure about what size to order, I suggest measuring yourself and following the size charts located below each item description.

How long does shipping take?

The shipping time depends on your location. Typically, I receive my package between 2-3 weeks from the date ordered. If you need an item to a special event, make sure you place your order accordingly.

Is Chicwish legit?

From my experience, yes Chicwish is legit. They want to make sure that your online shopping experience goes as smoothly as possible. Firstly, they do accept returns and allow exchanges. Secondly, they want to ensure that you receive a flawless item, which means, if you receive a defective item, they’ll replace it for free. Thirdly, they do not force store credit when you return an item. Fourthly, when shopping at Chicwish, you don’t need to worry about duty fees, because they cover them all for you. Fifthly, they have a good customer service, and they want to do their best to communicate with you thoroughly about the ordering process.


As you can see, I own many items from Chicwish, none of which I have returned or left with tags attached… All in all, Chicwish is definitely a brand that I can see myself wearing and sharing with you for years to come. I certainly love their feminine aesthetic and unique design I tend to gravitate to. Expect to see a lot of feminine looks and fabulous outfits with Chicwish on my social channels.

Have you ever shopped at Chicwish? What pieces have been your favorites so far?

Thank you for reading!


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