VIVAIA / These Shoes Are Just Perfect in Every Way

In collaboration with Vivaia.

My favorite everyday flats

Meet my new eco-friendly, stylish and oh-so-comfortable shoes from Vivaia. Flats are top of mind for me for my everyday life. I love beautiful and qualified shoes, but I also love shoes that are comfortable to walk in, shoes that make you forget you’re wearing shoes. That’s why I love Vivaia’s shoes, they’re beautiful yet so soft and comfortable – giving you a feeling like you are walking on the clouds.

Vivaia offers qualified shoes that are known for their elegant design, sustainable materials, and heavenly soft comfort – giving you a feeling like you are walking on the clouds. Their focus is to create luxurious and fashion-forward footwear with exceptional quality while also concentrating to make a positive impact on the world. Vivaia uses recycled eco-friendly materials obtained from plastic water bottles, creating a signature material that will last for years to come.

Both of these shoes are made from six recycled plastic bottles, they are fully machine washable so you can easily keep your shoes clean. Sounds perfect or what? Wait, there is even more good news… Vivaia has a wide range of color and model to choose from, there is a perfect pair of shoes for every taste.

Use my code AN to get 20% discount to every single thing on Vivaia’s selection until December 15th.

Thank you for reading!

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