Here Are the Most Beautiful Sweaters and Cardigans to Wear Right Now

In collaboration with Chicwish.

Easy spring outfit ideas with the prettiest knits!

I’m thrilled to share my looks that I have styled in my partnership with Chicwish. Get ready to be inspired! You can also see a lot more of my styling on my Instagram channel. If you aren’t already following me, feel free to visit my account @annavalkia.

All these amazingly beautiful knits above are from Chicwish. I am very thankful and honored to represent their gorgeous clothing collection. They have an amazing product quality, with so many super soft sweaters and cardigans (and everything else you ever need) to keep you warm and stylish when the days are still cold in the beginning of the spring season.

For anyone who is looking for a fancier take on sweaters and cardigans, there are so many options where to select from. My personal favorites are floral embroidered detailing and glamorously embellished buttons when I want to elevate my look. Relaxed and oversized knits are made to pair with straight legged jeans or figure-flattering miniskirts. Tight knitwear looks perfect with flowing skirts and slouchy trousers.

What is your favorite way to wear your knits?

Scroll down to see more of my few favorite knits from Chicwish.

All the knits above are from Chicwish.

Have you found your springtime knitwear yet?

Hoping you all are enjoying your weekend!

All knits gifted from Chicwish.

The Month of LOVE / The Most Romantic Looks With a Cheerful Dose of Hearts, Flowers and Chocolate

In collaboration with Chicwish.

If you live in a feminine world, you never need an excuse to wear feminine clothes

February is the month of love and the month of Valentine’s Day, if you love romantic clothes, heart prints, ruffles, and free-flowing dresses, now is the time to wear them, whether you have plans or not. If you are looking for the most romantic ways to dress up, look no more! Here are my five looks that make you radiate love to everyone around you.

The romance of the world

If you are like me, and love wearing red and pink, now is the best time to embrace these sweet and feminine colors. Red is the color of love, it symbolizes beating heart and lust, it is one of the most common colors for romantic ensembles and it looks fabulous on everyone. I like to mix different shades of red in my outfits. Deep scarlet red and soft pink are from the same color family and they will always look perfect when styled together. Light pink brings a graceful and sophisticated touch to an any ensemble, while darker pink promises a note of elegance and mystery.

“Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.” – Frida Kahlo

Maybe every day should be a Valentine’s Day… anyway, now is the time to look at your loved ones like maybe they’re magic, make them feel special… and maybe they look at you with the same way.

May your month be full of love, laughter, flowers and chocolate!

Clothing from Chicwish *gifted

You Are the Woman of Your Dreams

In collaboration with Chicwish.

Today I want to thank my wonderful supportive community that encourages me to keep working, to keep creating and to keep inspiring. I am truly touched by the kindness of all the lovely people I have met during my fashion journey. I have an incredible supportive community with me, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without the caring people around me it would be so much different.

Let’s level up!

I want to do my best to encourage other women to believe in themselves and to take action to reach all their wildest desires. I know it takes courage to create, to put your heart into the things you love to do, and then showing the result to the world. The first step is always to act, to start, without worrying what other people might think of you. You always need to remember that you are responsible for your own life, you create it. The choices you make today create your future. The key to level up your life is learning to make choices that are serving you and the life you deserve. You need to trust yourself.

Start before you are ready

Realize that you should never wait to be ready to start doing what you want to do, what you love to do, what your heart tells you to do. You never need to know how everything will finally end up. Because you can’t plan life. Taking an action before you feel ready will always lead you somewhere, you will learn something. And then you will find yourself empowered.

Dreams don’t work unless you do

Your vision of your life is yours, which means not everyone will understand you. People who don’t see your vision can’t courage or support you. But don’t let yourself down because of that. You are the only one holding the power to grow into the most wonderful version of yourself. All that matters is what’s true for you. Now, I want to share you a poem from Nikita Gill.


is rich with unlearning.
How to unlearn the way
You hate your body,
how to rebuild your spirit
after the supernova of love
finally bursts,
how to understand that
there are million
new versions of you,
hiding under your skin.
How each one is born
from suffering agonizingly,
unlearning what others
want you and your body to be,
finding moments
and seconds by metaphors
in everything
that makes you feel good
make you feel.
Reiterating them
till there is finally understanding
and accepting,
inside your very soul
the only thing that truly matters
is how often you say
on your journey,
“This, all of this,
is for me.”

– Nikita Gill

I wish you say: “This, all of this, is for me.” often. Lots of love – Anna

1. BLOUSE Weekend Max Mara / SKIRT Samsøe & Samsøe / BAG Anna Valkia / EARRINGS Zara / SHOES Zign / THIGHS Falke // 2. CARDIGAN & SKIRT Chicwish (gifted) / EARRINGS & RING Thomas Sabo (old) / SHOES Zign // 3. SWEATER & SKIRT Chicwish (gifted) / UMBRELLA Lasessor / SHOES Zign

Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

In collaboration with Chicwish

Dress up and dance

Another year. Spend it well. Let your faith be bigger than your fear. Dare to dream and dare to make your dreams reality. Dress up and dance. Have a laugh. Become a happier version of yourself. Find something to be grateful for. Love unconditionally.

Let go of your limitations

You can have your ego, or you can have your dreams. Do more things that scare you. Stop telling yourself no way, and instead find a way, create a way. Do whatever it takes and decide to really live this year.

I can do anything, and anything, and anything...

“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.” – Elsie de Wolfe

This quote has been on my fridge for years. It inspires me. I think it’s a good reminder that the power to make a beautiful life is in my own hands. And for you the power to create a beautiful life for yourself and your loved ones – is in your hands. Never forget how powerful you are. This year create a life you cannot wait to wake up to.

Live unapologetically

Write the story you want to live. You are stronger than you know and you’re more beautiful than you think. Speak gently to yourself, know your worth. It is not who you are that holds you back, it’s what you think you are not.

Darling, shine

Isn’t it lovely to be with someone whose energy empowers you and lights you up inside? There was a time when I didn’t believe in myself that much. I didn’t believe I’m beautiful and I didn’t think that I had the right to embrace my own beauty. Now when I think about it, it makes me a little sad. About two years ago, a dear friend of mine from Norway, wrote to me that I should use my beauty and talent in fashion and go for it fully. She empowered me to believe in myself and to follow and honor my vision, my own truth.

And so, I want to encourage you, to believe in yourself, to go after your dreams, to see the beauty in you, in others and in the world, to stay in your light and to start enjoying life’s simple graces. You’re needed in this world.

Have a beautiful, fabulous and cheerful year ahead!

1. SWEATER AND SKIRT Chicwish (gifted) / SHOES Na-kd / 2. KNIT AND SKIRT Chicwish (gifted) / SHOES Zign / NECKLACE H&M / 3. KNIT AND SKIRT Chicwish (gifted) / SHOES Guess / 4. TOP Boss (old) / SKIRT Bruuns Bazaar / SHOES Topshop / NECKLACE Weekend Max Mara (old)

Welcome 2021 / Have a Sweet and Fabulous Year Ahead

In collaboration with Chicwish.

Dressed to party

The New Year is around the corner and soon we will wave goodbye to 2020. Many of us need to celebrate the big night differently than before (read: social distancing at home). But I think an intimate house party or a virtual party and a dose of glamour sounds like a great plan.

This year I’m adding a bit of sophistication and positivity to my New Year’s outfit in the form of a fancy jacquard skirt and a shiny golden top. Midnight blue hue goes perfectly with warm and shimmery gold making the outfit look festive. What are your plans to wear to wear for NYE?

Turn wishes into reality

After this overwhelming year with so much change, I would like to hear some positive things that happened to you during 2020. Share your good news or achievement that made you happy and grateful. When you start thinking of how you’ve succeeded, you may notice that there are many positive things that happened to you. I’ve been thinking about the past twelve months, the ups and downs, especially concentrating on the good things that happened. The world you see is created by what you focus on, so I’m focusing to see the good. One great achievement for me and my family was selling our house last summer and moving to the area we were dreaming to live, it felt so awesome and I’m still so very grateful to live here.

I hope you all can welcome the 2021 with a grateful heart, trusting that it will be good for you and your loved ones, living in the present moment, without fear, doing your best in every situation, showing love to people who are meaningful to you, making every day a decision that you will make it a good day, being the best version of yourself in each day of the coming year.

Sending all my warmest wishes to you and your loved ones! Have a sweet, cheerful, blissful and fabulous New Year!

“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.” – Anne Frank

TOP Pinko / SKIRT Chicwish (gifted) / TIGHTS Falke / SHOES Guess

Happy Holidays / Warmest Wishes for a Wonderful Christmas

In collaboration with Chicwish.

Feeling the Christmas vibe!

The Christmas hullabaloo starts now! During the holidays there is one special color calling my name the most. And yes, it is red. I own a one red turtleneck and wear it all the time during the holiday season. Here are my three ways to style it to make me feel festive and ready for Christmas. What color is your favorite during the holidays?

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others”- Bob Hope

Sending you my warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

TURTLENECK Morgan / 1. TULLE SKIRT Chicwish (gifted) / SHOES Zign / NECKLACE Snö of Sweden (old) UMBRELLA Lasessor / 2. SKIRT Tiger of Sweden / BOOTS Topshop / BELT Aldo / THIGHS Falke / NECKLACE H&M / 3. SKIRT (old) / BELT & CHOKER Pieces / THIGHS Falke

Fresh Styling Tricks That Will Make You Feel 100 Times Cooler

In collaboration with Revoel.

Championing the athleisure look

Sportswear has become universally stylish and an important part of a modern wardrobe that you can wear not only at the gym but absolutely anywhere with absolutely anything.

I wanted to show you how to create a stylish street style look with this sporty top while also bringing joy to an outfit with a juicy color scheme from head to toe. You know that I’m really into colors and especially the ones that make you feel happy, like vibrant orange, which I think is one of the happiest and warmest colors you can wear. Here I paired a bright orange top with light blue jeans. Without a doubt, this color combo always makes a perfect match. 

Glam up your bike shorts!

These are my first bike shorts after so many years, I think I was 13 when I wore these kinds of shorts last time. But here I am again, wearing these sporty pieces totally differently than ever before.

I love how versatile bike shorts are, they can be styled so many cool ways. As you know, I like my looks to have a little bit of glam and that was exactly how I wanted to style these shorts too. When you think about bike shorts, glamour isn’t the first thing that comes into your mind and that’s why I wanted to show you how to make them look effortlessly polished and chic. I paired my shorts with an oversized chunky sweater and high heels. For a polished look, another option is to pair them with a structured blazer.

Top and shorts are from a sustainable fashion brand Revoel. It’s a female owned Finnish brand which has just launched their first sportswear collection. Their qualified products are designed and handmade in Finland from recycled fabrics.

Have you already mixed practical sportswear with more formal looks? Wishing you all an inspiring and lovely day!

1. TOP Revoel (gifted) / JEANS Levi’s / BELT Pieces / SHOES Na-kd // 2. SHORTS Revoel (gifted) / SWEATER Chicwish (gifted) / SHOES Na-kd

Found My Winter Coats. Have You Found Yours?

In collaboration with Chicwish.

A beautiful coat is the secret of looking polished during the winter.

A good coat can become a wardrobe hero throughout winter. These vibrant colored wrap coats look stylish, feel comfortable and make me feel ready to pose for a winter catalogue. They’re both versatile to wear and can be styled up or down. Figure-flattering design frames the body shape beautifully by accentuating the waist.

Turtlenecks are my winter basics, they go perfectly with jeans or skirts and are great for winter’s layered looks!

Wishing you all have a fabulous December!


The Fancy Color Combination to Wear This Winter


This color combo has really been inspiring me lately!

I’m all about bright colors, but every fall as the weather starts getting colder, my eyes starts wandering to those deeper fall colors. I still like to brighten up my fall looks with a fun color pop, the cheerful ones that make you feel happy. Pairing bright hues to muted and dark fall colors is a perfect way to transform your summer clothing into winter.

A color combination I’m excited for right now is pairing bright green with black. This is definitely one of my go to color combo this fall. It’s a color combo I haven’t worn much before and I just love how unexpected and interesting it can look, especially when wearing bright green hue with a shiny effect.

Have you tried this combination yet? Hoping you all have a wonderful day!

1. KNIT Even & Odd / SKIRT &Other Stories / BELT Gina Tricot / SHOES Topshop / SUNGLASSES Tiwi / NECKLACE H&M // 2. BLAZER H&M Studio / FAUX LEATHER SKIRT Chicwish (gifted) / SUNGLASSES Stella McCartney / EARRINGS & NECKLACE Glitter / BELT Gina Tricot / SHOES Topshop // 3. BLAZER H&M Studio / LEGGINGS & SANDALS & EARRINGS Zara / BELT Gina Tricot / SUNGLASSES Tiwi

The Bermuda Cut / Learn How to Make a Polished Look With the Chicest Shorts


Can you believe this? Long, slouchy shorts look actually super chic!

It took me a while before I had the courage to try the Bermuda shorts. I was a little (well, a lot) afraid they wouldn’t suit me at all. I thought I should own longer legs to make them work. Finally, I found these brown ones from sale and it felt like “if-not-now-when” kind of situation and so I decided to give this trend a try. And what happened… I fell in love with them immediately. This is why I love fashion, it’s full of surprises and new things to learn and try.

Here are my tips to make the long-shorts work for short legs.

  • Make your legs look longer with a high-waist fit.
  • Pair your shorts with high heeled shoes.
  • Tuck in your top.
  • …or just forget all the rules and go for it in your own unique way!

If you prefer a feminine look, I suggest to add something girly and pretty to your outfit as the Bermudas belong to “dad-style” category, so you don’t end up looking like a dad. Think about, sheer tops, floral prints, lace, ruffles, delicate jewelry… Have fun, be fearless and find your own way to make them work for your style.

BERMUDA SHORTS Ganni / 1. CARDIGAN Chicwish (gifted) / SHOES Topshop / SUNGLASSES Stella McCartney / CHOKER H&M / BAG Mango / BELT Gina Tricot // 2. MESH TOP GANNI / SHOES Topshop / NECKLACE Glitter / SUNGLASSES Stella McCartney / MESH BODY H&M Studio / SHOES Topshop / BELT Gina Tricot / EARRINGS & CHOKER Glitter