Should I Buy a Suit? / 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Suit


4 Things to think about before buying a suit

Is it just me or have you noticed that women’s suits are everywhere right now? It seems that the coolest looks are created with tailored suits – put on a suit and you’ll surely be one of the best dressed person no matter where you’re heading into. While I certainly love wearing dresses and skirts over anything else, I find myself thinking about women’s suits, how effortlessly stylish they look, and if I need to add a new set to my closet for the upcoming season.

Several things advocate for the value of suits; they are both trendy and timeless, they flatter all figures and body shapes. They can be worn almost everywhere; to the office, a dinner, a party, and the list goes on. The style works dressed up or down, and as a bonus, you can also wear the pieces as separates. Sounds perfect or what?

But what if you are a girly girl and mostly wear dresses and skirts, or if you love casual style more than formal looks, should you buy a suit because it’s trendy and everybody’s wearing a suit? There’s no point following a trend that doesn’t feel right for you. If you feel that it’s not your thing – if you don’t like it, you’ll never wear it. But if you like it, buy it, wear it – embrace it.

Here are four questions to help you figuring out if a trouser suit is your thing:

1. Is your style formal or casual?

  • Do you prefer formal or casual looks? You may love a suit on someone, but if she has a totally different style than yours, you may find yourself feeling insecure when wearing a suit. If you’re comfortable wearing formal looks, that’s a mark in its favor.

2. Do you enjoy wearing structured blazers?

  • Are you already comfortable wearing blazers? If structured blazers feel like your thing, you might also feel comfortable and empowered wearing a trouser suit.

3. Can you visualize yourself wearing a suit in real life situations?

  • Where would you wear a suit? List at least three situations in which you could wear a suit. If you can imagine yourself happily wearing a suit in real life occasions, it’s a good indication that you would actually wear your suit instead of leaving it to hang in your closet.

4. Do you see yourself wearing a suit short-term or long-term?

  • Is a suit something you see yourself wearing season after season? Visualize yourself wearing that same suit in five or even ten years’ time, will that suit stand a test of time?

Before investing in anything new, it’s good to turn inwards for a second and let yourself think about the lifetime value your new purchace will provide. Everyone deserves to look and feel good, and there’s no doubt that fashion can be incredibly powerful tool when it comes to making you feel empowered, but only when you make your own fashion choices and believe in your own sense of style, instead of dressing for someone else.

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My Style Journey / How I Finally Found My Personal Style


Your personal style is all about you

During my fashion journey , I have been gravitating towards many different styles. In my early twenties I was wearing a lot of pink, and preferred mini lengths over anything else. Later, I was looking for a more classy style, I wanted to dress like an adult, so I went for the monochromatic and colorless style, if I wore prints, they were only stripes. The less I experienced colors in my looks, the more careful I became. I lost my creativity and courage to embrace colors in my looks and in my home décor too. I wasn’t sure how to do it stylishly. I was afraid I would make a huge style mistake. So, I mostly wore black. My style has changed a lot since then, and I am much more open minded and confident to wear what I like to wear. Today, I see fashion as a source of joy – it’s how I cherish the feminine part of my life and nourish my creativity.

Why you should experiment with your style?

The big question is: How did I find my style? I had a level up moment about two years ago when I realized that life is now, and if I wanted to make my dreams come true, the power is in my hands – nobody else can live my life. I learned what wasn’t important (to care of what other people think of me), and what was important (what I thought of myself). It was my wake-up call to my life. And I felt empowered.

Since that moment, I started to experience fashion very creatively, I styled looks with all the colors of the rainbow. Surely, I made hundreds of style mistakes, but only if you rush to judgement instead of curiosity. I styled outfits that were different from my standard, but that was how I actually found out what I enjoyed wearing. I stopped shrinking myself to make others feel comfortable and gave myself a permission to enjoy the thing that brings me so much joy – fashion.

Find out what makes you feel the best version of yourself

So far, my experimental period has taught me a lot. I feel more confident than ever before, I have learnt what I like to wear, and I have a deep sense of my own style. I feel inspired. I feel open-minded and limitless. My journey displayed me that fashion can be incredibly powerful tool when it comes to making you feel empowered and confident.

So many of us are scared to be judged by the “fashion polices”, but eventually, the only thing that matters is that you believe in yourself. My best tip to finding your own style is to experiment with an open mind as much as you can. Find out what you love, what makes you feel fabulous. What makes your soul shine? You can never please everyone, it’s impossible. So, do what makes you feel happy, inspired, and alive.

Thank you for reading!